District: 10th 
Subway: Gare de l'Est or Gare du Nord 
Street: Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis 

East station and North station: 5 min. walk 
Montmartre: 15 min. walk 
Champs-Elysées: 20 min. by subway 
Eiffel Tower: 30 min. by subway or bus 30 
Châtelet: 15 min. by direct subway 
Notre-Dame Cathedral: 15 min. by direct subway 
Bastille, The Marais: 15 min. by direct subway
Your hosts will offer you a bottle of wine as a present to welcome you. If your stay is for four nights at least, they will offer you a bottle of champagne. 
Your hosts do not smoke and wand to receive only non smoking guests. 
Your hosts have a cat, named Siam, who will never go to the area for the tourists nor to the bedrooms. However, this accommodation may not be suitable to people who suffer from allergies to cats, as he is free to go everywhere else in the apartment. 
This accommodation do not have any carpets nor feathers in the pillows. 
Upon request, a washing machine will be put at your disposal for free, as well as an iron and ironing board. 
Your host apartment is Wifi equipped. 
With your laptop, you can get connected to Internet in your private living room, or in the dining room. On the other hand your hosts, taking car of your well-being, adjusted its intensity so that the waves do not enter in the bedrooms.

Your hosts will be happy to talk with you, especially on the history of Paris (free service). 
If you travel with a baby (less than 3 years old), your hosts can put a baby bed at your disposal for a cost of 30 euros for all your stay. 
If you travel with a child or young adult, an additional bed can be put in your bedroom (please ask about the cost)
Your hosts can offer a parking space in there own courtyard for 30 euros per night (24H).
Location and popular sites to see
Apartment #424        Arrondissement: 10eme
In this guest house feel the charm of the mansions from the old Parisian times, and the atmosphere and luxury of French castles. Your hosts Pascal and Anne-Claude are two of our most experienced B&B hosts, having offered guest rooms since 2007. They Offer in this NEW refurnished guesthouse plenty of space and privacy for guests who want to stay in Paris in a B&B yet have independence and privacy. They offer this lovely guest bedroom, a large private guests lounge room for guests to have tea, read one of the plenty of French or English books or watch TV, and a dining room of Parisian bistrot style that will make you feel comfortable right from your arrival. The guest bedroom is equipped with twin beds or one adaptable Queen with private en suite.
Your hosts Pascal and Anne-Claude, bought this apartment in 2010 with the intention of opening several guest rooms in it, having enjoyed many previous years as B&B hosts. 

They spent three years restructuring and decorating it with antiques to please their guests. 

In this ‘guest house’, you will feel the charm of the large Parisian houses of the past and the atmosphere and the luxury of a stay in a castle. 

If hesitant about sharing with hosts, we assure that your hosts are easy to live with, and in the large dining room Parisian ‘bistrot style’ you will feel at ease right away.

The shower room is only for the use of the visitors who are in the Louvre suite. It is ‘en suite’ with the bedroom.

It is equipped with a sink, the shower is large (90 x 90cm), there is a mirror in a former wooden frame from a castle. The toilets are in the shower room.

It is 22 square meters (hall 3 square meters, bedroom of 15 square meters, shower room of 4 square meters). Everything is new in this room.

Breakfast is served in the bistrot style dining room, equipped with benches, marble chairs and tables. 

This room has been decorated with great care by your hosts who will be happy to explain their choice when at breakfast. Breakfast is made of warm drinks (coffee, tea, milk, chocolate), fruits juices, viennoiseries (croissants or chocolate croissants), baguette and special bread, home-made cakes, butter, home-made jams, season fruits. 

Upon request, your hosts can also offer cereals and/or yogurt.
This 200m2 guest house is located on the first floor of a private mansion of four levels built in 1848 which belonged to a bourgeois family who was the owner of most of the land in the area. His descendants remain the owners of parts of the apartments. You will reach the building by a magnificent staircase in the shape of a horse shoe at the street courtyard entry. 

The architecture of this apartment is exceptional. Its ceilings, decorated with mouldings 320m high, wooden floor remains from the past, made of ‘point de Hongrie’ (Hungarian style). 
The left aisle consists in the bistrot style dining room and the private parts of your hosts. The right wing is completely organized for the visitors and is oriented on a quiet inner yard. This ‘B&B’ aisle is made of a private living room of 30m2 for the use of the visitors only, giving access to the guest rooms, so they can have extra space to relax in independently from their hosts. At this B&B there is a second double guest bedroom and the guests of this second room share the living space with you. 

Anne-Claude and Pascal are in their forties. Their only daughter, Anastasia, was born in November 2008. Anne-Claude was born in the North of France (Hazebrouck) and has lived close to Montmartre since 1990, her favourite area in Paris because of its small village look and feel. Pascal was born in Mulhouse. Pascal lived for a few years in Switzerland, therefore he speaks fluent German. 

They both know Paris very well and will be able to give you good advice for your visits.They have offered their guest rooms to friends and tourists visiting Paris from 2007, because they love to meet new people and share cultural exchanges. 

They both love travelling and always stayed at B&Bs in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Greece, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Anne-Claude traveled all over the world and speaks very good English. She would love to visit all countries in the worldand so far has visited Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, China, Rajasthan, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, California, Florida, Hawaï, Senegal, Morocca, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen, New Caledonia, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK. She loves most of all the countries which remains wild, such as Yemen and the Andean countries, large spaces but also typical cities and their civilizations. When she travels, she always looks for finding something new and meeting local people. 

The main items of decoration is this living room are: a very beautiful fireplace made of orange/grey marble with legs of lions, a former mirror with a golden frame, a magnificent ornamental woodwork, bought in the relay of hunting of the Castle of Lardy and a former map of Paris representing a map of Turgot from 1739 ( 2.50m x 3m). 

You will have at your disposal, sofas, a writing case, a library with books on Paris and its monuments, (former and recent) and French and international magazines. A set for warm drinks will also be at your disposal with different sorts of teas, coffee, herbal teas and mineral water. 

Anne-Claude is a Client Manager for a large advertising group. Pascal now works on architecture and interior decor, but he was involved in cooking, delicatessen and pastry jobs in the past, in France and abroad, and also in ‘Relais et Châteaux’ (castles).

Anne-Claude is interested in architecture, diversity of cultural activities, she loves the history of France and of Paris. She attended lessons on the history of Paris at the Louvre School for more than ten years. 

Pascal is more passionate for the historical monuments and for the Parisian life. As he is available enough, Pascal will be happy to spend time to talk with you.

Anne-Claude also loves decoration, fashion, good taste and gourmet food and culture in general. Pascal likes to cook, to receive guests, discover new things, he is curious about life. 

Both hosts like to collect items. Anne-Claude collects hats and items from any part of the world, Pascal has a wide collection of cookers in cast iron (about fifteen, which are not visible in Paris), all the kitchen utensils (rollers for pastry, brass items, cooking molds, butchers' choppers), pictures and former postcards of Montmartre, old books and in particular cooking books. 

Both of them enjoy cooking, cinema, theatre, exhibitions, shows, inaugural nights in private and public sites. 

Both Anne-Claude and Pascal will know what to recommend to you for your visits of museums, districts of Paris, on architecture, shopping, general information and news.

For an extra 8euros for two people, you can have a boiled egg, cheese and ham. OR For an extra 10euros for two people, you can have an omelet or fried eggs in replacement of the boiled egg. 

Guest please let Petite Paris know about these requirements when you confirm your reservation.
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‘Real Paris experiences start with real Paris homes’

Bed and Breakfast in Paris


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B&B in Paris
Enquire about this Paris home HEREmailto:info@petitepr.com.au?subject=Enquiry%20ST462%20Elisabethmailto:info@petitepr.com.au?subject=Enquiry%20ST462%20Elisabethmailto:info@petitepr.com.au?subject=BB424%20Anne-Claude%20Enquiryshapeimage_21_link_0shapeimage_21_link_1
1 per: EU139 p/n
2 per: EU149 p/n
3 per: EU199 p/n
Monthly: EU1750 Minimum 2 nights
(OR 50euro fee for 1 night)
* Free Wifi
* Includes breakfast
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About your hosts

This B&B is located on Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, a few minutes walk from Gare de l'Est (East station) and Gare du Nord (North station), which makes your arrival and travels in Paris easy, as there is plenty of public transportation nearby: RER, subway, buses, taxis, velib (bikes to rent), autolib (cars to rent).

Rue du Faubourg St Denis, formerly Rue Royale, was the direct way between the Louvre and Saint-Denis Basilica where the Kings of France are buried. It is on a street lined with Haussmannian buildings and lots of boutiques, the covered Saint-Quentin market , food shops, restaurants and cafés.
It is a very central area. Montmartre (15 min walk), the Halles and Châtelet (RER B and D, subway line 4), Opera (subway line 7), department stores on Boulevard Haussmann (RER E), Republique square (subway line 5), and Bastille square  less than 15 minutes. 

If you are fond of nature, or like sport and jogging in the morning, the Canal Saint-Martin is nearby, as well as the old convent and Recolets garden. 

The neighbourhood
The Apartment and Guest room living room
The Guest bedroom

The bedroom is very quiet as it looks over the inner courtyard. 

The decoration of the bedroom is inspired by the bedrooms of French castles, with statues, golden woodwork, decorated with mouldings, former doors, a mirror Empire style, a bed-head and a sculptured golden pediment. 

It is equipped with twin beds (90cm x 200cm) perfectly adaptable in a Queen size double bed (180cm x 200cm) with a comfortable and firm mattress and ergonomic pillows

The Bathroom
The Breakfast
Additional Information
Additional Services


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Now to March 2017 1 per: EU129 p/n
2 per: EU129 p/n
3 per: EU169 p/n
Monthly: Please enquire Minimum 2 nights
(OR 50euro fee for 1 night)
*Wifi and breakfastsmailto:info@petitepr.com.au?subject=B%26B424%20monthly%20enquiryshapeimage_47_link_0