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    Search the network of quality B&B’s in the PARIS APARTMENTS page. 

Be sure to read the full description for each accommodation to ensure you select one that’s right for you. Please advise if you have any extra questions about any of the apartments/living arrangements; we will instigate contact with the Parisian Host to clarify any details you require. We are also happy to conduct a search based on your general queries and recommend a suitable accommodation  
View our Quality of Charter.       

   Complete the booking enquiry form with your personal and travel details and chosen apartment/s. Or contact us via online chat (above) or email.

Due to the nature of our personalised service and the apartments belonging to native Parisians who are not professionals yet offer their quality service and private homes, we do not have an on-line booking system. 

To received notification/confirmation of availability of your chosen apartment/s (on your travel dates), this form should be submitted to Petite. You will receive notification of availability within 24 hours to confirm availability of your dates in their home.

    If your selected accommodation is available we will send you an official ‘offer of stay’ (Contract). Otherwise we will offer a lis of alternative homes.
Within the ‘offer of stay’/contract’ document includes: 

Your guest identification number
b. Link to the agreed apartment description with advertised rate and total cost 
 c. Deposit/Booking amount with payment directions  and request to sign the contract both of which are required to secure the B&B with the Host. (usually 20-45% of total amount depending on B&B chosen)
d. Balance/Host payment due in full on arrival at B&B
 e. Please read carefully our Terms and Conditions (click here to view T&C’S)

   To accept the offer deposit must be paid asap using the online payment system or direct bank transfer 

Please NOTE: your apartment is not yet secure, until deposit payment is made. the faster you make a decision and send deposit the more likely you will be successful in securing the accommodation. We recommend notifying us of your acceptance so we can try to hold your apartment or room (though there is no guarantee  we will be able to do this, we can try).

Deposits must be paid in AUS$ as will be stated in your ‘offer’. We incur any exchange rate fees for you. The balance/host amount must be paid to the Host in Euro, on arrival. You may like to wait until the AUS currency is strong before converting your money to Euro, before your departure, to be ready on arrival.

Confirmation Receipt/Invoice is sent to you immediately after booking - i.e after deposit payment is sent and received.  

Precise directions to your apartment from the nearest airport or train station
Google map link provided to precise location of B&B.
Entry code to your Parisian building (if applicable). Precise addresses are held private for security reason (these are the homes of ordinary residents)until after booking at which case it is provided in full. Before booking each B&B description details its closest Metro station and the approximate walking time to it. If should guests need more precise information about streets and/or locations beyond the general description, they must enquire before booking. In which case more approximate details may be provided (with host permission)
Your Hosts contact details  - you are requested to contact the Host 15 days prior to your arrival to confirm your arrival time whether it has changed or not e.g. if there is a delay or cancellation in your transportation etc. Alternatively let us know and we will organise to advise your Host on your behalf. 

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‘Real Paris experiences start with real Paris homes’

Bed and Breakfast in Paris


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