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Carol is in her fifties. She is English and the idea of offering her two guest rooms as a bed and breakfast occurred to her in 2004. Carol is an admirable hostess, always ready to take care of you. Always available, it will be a pleasure for her to offer you a cold drink, a tea, a coffee or an aperitif accompanied by "canapés" when you return home from your day of sight seeing so that you can talk with her about your day if you wish. She is at your disposal to make reservations for shows, restaurants, taxis etc. This is also a perfect place if you have children/babies, Carol adores them.
The apartment is located on the third floor (without lift) of a historic flat built in the 17th century. This building has the rare privilege of being located in the island of St Louis the centre and beginning of Paris.
The period furniture pieces and the elegant decoration underscore anglo-saxon interiors. This is Carol's great love.

You have a private entry which leads you directly to the bedroom. You have thereby a double advantage: quiet intimacy as well as user-friendly nearby resourceful services. 

This elegant bedroom is atmospheric. Flowery and beautiful, you are left bedazzled and charmed. It is located on the street side but there are dual-paned windows to minimise noise. Feel free to request hypoallergenic pillows or feather pillows if this is something you consider important. 

There is a double bed (140 X 190), a wardrobe, and a television. You also have information on Paris, arts books, utilities to prepare warm drinks, bottled water and an electric fan. 

If you are 3 or 4 travelling, or just need 2 rooms a second bedroom is also available. Please see the Photo Album for this extra B&B for images of the second bedroom.

It features two single beds (80 X 190). This second bedroom shares the same bathroom as the bathroom in room 241. There is also an electric fan and a television. An additional foldaway bed can be added in this bedroom for a child.

Please note this is one of the few B&Bs we offer where you may not be the only unique paying guests. If you book room 241, there may be other guests in B&B359.shapeimage_14_link_0
Arrondissement: 4 ème 
Street: Ile Saint Louis
Metro: Pont Marie (5min walk) 
River seine: 0min
Notre Dame: 5min walk
Garden ‘Jardin des Plantes’: 10min walk
Latin Quarter: 10min walk
Luxemburg Garden: 25min walk
You can travel anywhere in Paris very easily by metro. Your host is happy to help you find your way and provide a map.

Location and popular sites to see
Additional information
Initial arrival and baggage drop-off may be expected at any time of the day provided you give advance notice of the precise time of your arrival. Otherwise, you will be expected at 7pm. 

Your hosts do not have pets and do not wish to receive any. 

The guest room is completely non smoking. 

The apartment is on the third floor without elevator but Carol always meets her guests down stairs and welcomes them and will insist on helping with luggage. If the luggage is very heavy she will arrange for assistance from the neighbour; please feel free to inform her before arrival. 

Additional Services
If you come to Paris with your family, why not have a romantic dinner out and let Carol take care of your children. Please ask Carol in advance so she can make herself available (extra fee). 

If you need emergency clean clothes, your host is happy to wash/dry 5 to 10 of your clothes (depending on size). This extra services is 25 Euros. If you have more clothes to clean your hosts will instruct you to the closest launderette or pressing.
Apartment #241                        Arrondissement: 4 ème
Welcome to Petite Paris’ most grand, exclusive historic mansion B&B, as featured in the SMH, Sunday Escape newspapers and more. This is a private B&B apartment offered by Carol, our English-Parisian hostess who lives moments away. At Carols B&B home, you will sleep in the arms of the seine as this magnificent accommodation is located on the residential upscale Saint Louis Island where you can walk to the seine banks in moments and cross to either the left or right banks of Paris - Marais or Latin Quarter.  Carol is a sweet hostess who has lived in Paris for more than 10 years. You will love her breakfasts which are of great diversity and exquisite refinement. She arrives only each morning to prepare and serve breakfast and offer guests tips and help for their days in Paris. The rest of the days and nights the apartment is private for guests. This is a double guest room with an adjoining room with twin beds and a private shower and private entry.
The bathroom is right next door to the bedroom. It is for your private use alone. It has a basin and a shower and supplied with sundry toiletries (bathing soap, hair-dryer, etc). If you stay more than 4 days, you can ask for a dressing gown.

The toilet is separate and is also exclusively reserved for your sole use.
Your hosts serves breakfast in the dining room which is awash in warmly-coloured accents with meticulous detail to decoration. 

You will certainly appreciate the quality, generosity, and variety of the tasty offerings which await you: fresh fruit, the traditional baguette, croissants, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fruit juice, cereal, yogurt and cheese.
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Bed and Breakfast in Paris


‘Real Paris experiences start with real Paris homes’


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1 per: EU189 p/n
2 per: EU209 p/n
3 per: EU279 p/n
4 per: EU299 p/n Minimum 3 nights
* Free Wifi
* Includes breakfast
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Enquire about this Paris home HEREmailto:info@petitepr.com.au?subject=%20B%26B242%20Carols%20Enquirymailto:info@petitepr.com.au?subject=B%26B242%20Carols%20B%26B%20Enquiryshapeimage_27_link_0
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Enquire about this Paris home HEREmailto:info@petitepr.com.au?subject=BB242%20Anne%20Pascal%20B%26B%20mailto:info@petitepr.com.au?subject=BB242%20Anne%20Pascal%20Enquiryshapeimage_29_link_0
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