Le Style Magazine and Events is your stylish source on all things French. Seasonal French Style Magazine focusing on all the latest and most beautiful French icons, fashion, trends and more. On the events side; make your special event, wedding, birthday or vacations truly special with online french photographers, fashion, french delicacies, holiday secrets and more.

Le Style holds French high tea events in Melbourne, Sydney, New York and Singapore showcasing French businesses, for great shopping experience, gastronomy, fabulous French musical and dance performances, overall a French pamper high-tea treat for ladies and girls.

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    French Affair


Indulge in the French experience with French products to purchase online (home wares, stationary, language books and audio), fun France facts and more.

French Affair is all about a love of all things French and creating a french community. Partners for the annual Brisbane French Festival.

  French Moments


Australian based French Moments are a one-stop-shop for all French Cultural, Travel, History, Geographic, Gastronomic, Musical, Festivals, Events in France. French moments also offering language/cultural immersion trips to Paris, Sarlat, Strasbourg and more locations throughout France, focusing on smaller class sizes for more intensive and personalised learning. Private tuitions are available, french book club meetings, french recipes and so much more. A complete French immersion.

Holidays to Europe


Browse our huge range of Australian owned accommodation, as well as tours, car hire, rail passes, cruising and more and book direct with the owner/operator. Our destination articles, travel tips and blog articles will help make planning your European holiday easy.

L 'Apartment


L'Apartment is an online directory listing AUSTRALIAN + FRENCH OWNED unique homes in Paris AND France. From Paris apartments to grand mansions, chateaux,  farmhouses and B&Bs in the French Country. Connecting Australian homeowners and travellers in a secure local setting.



frenchclass in Paddington Sydney, offers a three-course menu of French grammar, culture and gastronomy.

Entrée - Grammar: frenchclass provides a relaxed learning environment suitable for all levels.

Plat du jour - Culture: frenchclass offers the opportunity to celebrate/participate in French cultural events e.g Bastille Day, Beaujolais Nouveau, and several food and wine celebrations.

Dessert - Gastronomy: Culinary expertise plays a strong role. Join us sampling French restaurants, cafés and recipes.

For Bookings: Telephone: 02 9380 2672

frenchclass in Paddington: a lesson you will never forget!http://www.frenchclass.com.au


Spirited Mama is the trader of French provincial gifts, toys and decor for the young and young at heart. The appeal of Spirited Mama's products is their exquisite craftsmanship, unique creativity and their lasting value.

Drawing on traditional French fairytales and fables, the gifts and decor by 'artisans of childhood' L'Oiseau Bateau capture the essence of make believe - whimsical decorative mobiles, music boxes, wallclocks, French dolls, exquisitely embroidered backpacks and aprons and art smocks.

The handmade boats are fully seaworthy and crafted by third-generation French toy boat atelier Bateaux Tirot, established in Brittany in 1946. The award-winning company is the last of the boat makers to manufacturer each boat entirely in France.

Each gift at Spirited Mama has been sourced for its special Gallic appeal so you can keep with you a little piece of France with you always. 

As an exclusive to Petite Paris, save 15% on purchase at Spirited Mama. Simply use coupon code PETITE (Offer ends 30 October). 

‘Real Paris experiences start with real Paris homes’

Bed and Breakfast in Paris


frenchclass in Paddington: a lesson you will never forget!http://www.frenchclass.com.au
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Homes in France



Making travelling to Paris with kids easier and lighter! 

Children’s equipment and toys catering to meal times, sleep times, bath times, out & about time and travelling time this Australian born and Paris based service  Babytems offers equipment for new borns to 4 years. From strollers, carriers, carrycots, bathtub, toddler steps to all accessories from changing mats, to rain covers, sheets, dinnerware, bottle warmers and much more. Suddenly finding the right Paris home is easier when all the children equipment you need are so easily accessible and delivered direct to your Petite Paris apartment on arrival in Paris.

FREE bucket of toys with every rental

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 Get the most of your stay in Paris and book the INSIDR service. INSIDR will deliver a connected smartphone to your apartment upon arrival. Their smartphone is the ultimate digital guide to help you navigate Paris from the main tourist sites to authentic local secret places! 

Key advantages are: Connectivity with unlimited locals calls, 4G data, and WIFI hotspot to connect your own devices (WIFI is not widespread in Paris); discovery of the ‘real’ Paris with Maps of highlighted recommendations; direct access to a community of Parisians happy to share their insider perspective about culture, restaurants & bars, navigation, shopping; Selection of the innovative services, from a dinner with locals to a tour of Paris in a vintage car
Thanks to INSIDR, the travel experience outside of your cosy apartment will be exciting and trouble-free! http://www.insidr.paris/#insidr-parishttp://www.insidr.paris/#insidr-parisshapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1