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We offer personalised, professional, real human service. The kind of friendly one-on-one assistance and care  that’s missing in todays automated world; to ensure you pick the  the right and perfect Paris home for your specialised needs and wishes. Our team have full knowledge and intimate experience of every home in our network. About USABOUT_Petite_Paris_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

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We’re online NOW
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Petite Paris is an online exclusive catalogue of unique B&Bs Bed and Breakfasts, and private

apartments in the heart of Paris, professionally handpicked by B&B industry professionals and approved by the Paris Tourism Bureau.

As a small team entirely dedicated to guests needs, we have personally sought out, tested, inspected and hand-picked all

our Paris homes to offer a professional boutique environment from within real local family homes. This means travelers will get a local home experience yet with hotel-like quality and services. We maintain quality control at all times and manage our limited selection of homes intimately. All B&Bs are classified and approved as professional and genuine standard B&Bs meeting the strict quality of charter as set out by the Paris Tourism Office.

As B&B professionals with 15 years experience we have a keen eye for high quality charm, style, warmth, practical features

and amenities and safety requirements. All our Paris homes are in prime locations, within 5 mins walk of the nearest metro

and bus stop, and promise superior service by Parisians hosts who are experienced and registered Bed &

Breakfast owners.

As your official guide to Paris your host will provide an intimate personable service in their family homes in the most polished and professional manner. Services include: elegant breakfasts, daily cleaning, afternoon teas, concierge services and many offer language lessons art and cooking lessons, guided walks and more.


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wine on arrival!

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Authentic beautiful B&Bs & apartments in Paris, Lisbon, Porto - expertly selected

Petite Paris
Real Bed and Breakfasts in Paris

since 2009
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