As a predominately classic B&B service, Petite Paris helps guests seeking quality B&B (Bed and Breakfast) apartments in Paris, find the right one for them. Connecting them to Parisian natives who offer guest bedrooms in their homes or private apartments as authentic Paris home stays. Read about Paris ‘lodging’ HERE.

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Searching for a Bed & Breakfast
Throughout this site you are guided towards the accommodation that best fits you & your needs during your stay in Paris, with the use of certain selection criteria. Read below.

Begin by browsing the listing of Bed & Breakfast lodgings in our Paris Apartments pages and choose one of our specially selected B&Bs or apartments. Click on a B&B or apartment to be taken to a complete description, to see prices, photo gallery and location map. For privacy and security reasons for our hosts who’s homes are their private residences, we provide approximate map locations to the closest metro station. After deposit and booking, precise address and directions are provided.

Descriptions are detailed covering many important aspects from rooms and bed sizes, any pets to be aware of, allergens, the arrival times a Host can receive you and more. It is still encouraged that guests enquire about any additional specifics if not  already provided on the web description for particular homes, in particular any personal style, taste, preferences and location specifics, if required. The online descriptions will help guests get a general visualisation the sense of experience and atmosphere that each apartment/living arrangement will bring.

We encourage you to read these carefully to ensure you select the most suitable accommodation for your needs, tastes and preferences. We can help you with the selection as much as possible and encourage guests provide as much extra detail and query as needed. For extra information or clarification on any apartment and living arrangement please contact us.

Search options
1. Search by Arrondissement? - pick your preference neighbourhood/area,
2. Search by Type of Accommodation? - Pick classic traditional B&Bs, basic B&B guest rooms, deluxe B&B rooms, luxurious apartments, guest rooms with a view, or a private garden apartment, B&Bs for over 4 people, twin beds or twin rooms, unhosted apartments and more.
3. Search by Price? - pick your budget range to see a full list of homes in that budget.

To enquire about a Bed and Breakfast Apartment in Paris 
Submit our full Booking Form or Contact Us directly. We will be in contact with you within a few hours.  Remember we promise human personalised service. We try to answer all enquiries as fast as humanly possible with impeccable service. And it’s worth the wait for a special unique and authentic home in Paris  specially selected for you :) For more information about our secure payment and booking process visit our Bookings page. Home_Stay_Petite_Paris_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation.htmlLodging_Petite_Paris_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation.
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Why Book a B&B over a hotel or rental apartment?

Bed and Breakfast in Paris

Service B&Bs

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‘Real Paris experiences start with real Paris homes’

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