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Petite B&Bs - Paris and Lisbon B&Bs and apartments
With the deposit payment of your select B&B you are agreeing to comply with these terms & conditions as outlined below.

Petite B&BS is an online service offering select Paris and Lisbon classic B&B accommodations and private apartments and communicates between travellers and Parisian and Portuguese B&B or apartment owners - and in some cases their independent property managers and property management agencies who act on apartment owners behalf. Petite Paris also works in Partnership with select Parisian booking services and agencies to seek homes for guests if the listed Petite B&Bs network of homes are booked out or unsuitable; our network of apartment owners and rental services spans wide. 
Within these T&CS homeowners hereinafter called ‘Host’ & people wishing to stay in these accommodations hereinafter called ‘Guest’,  Also see our Quality of Charter
B&Bs: This kind of ‘accommodation’, allows Guests to have at their disposal a bedroom and bathroom (private or not, depending on the accommodations) depending on the accommodation, a continental breakfast that may be served. Bed sheets, blankets or quilts and bath towels are always provided. Private apartments are self contained homes for guests private use and living.
b) Guests must be adults (over 18 years old) or minors who are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian in order to obtain a confirmation. No unaccompanied minor(s) will be relieved into an accommodation recommended by Petite Paris.
No booking can be made for an arrival within less than 72 business hours (Saturday and Sundays not included, and for Paris - French bank holidays not included)
No bookings can be accepted on French bank holidays (Paris only) for stays of less than 5 nights (please contact us if you are looking for stays around the following dates for stays of less than 5 nights: St Valentine’s Day February 14th, Easter, Bastille Day July 14th and between December 20th and January 4th - sometimes exceptions can be made
Private Apartment: are self contained rentals offered by local apartment owners for guests independent use and privacy. In such cases the apartment owner will most likely employ a Property Management team to welcome guests and check them in to the apartment or meet at the Property Management teams office first for check in. Petite Paris deals and books homes with Property Managers on behalf of the apartment owner, for guests. Please refer to section ’IX. INDEPENDENT B&B/apartment homeowners’ as per below.

I. Acceptance of the accommodation:
a) Guests must complete the Petite B&B online booking form with some basic personal and travel details and/or requirements to make a booking. The details provided to Petite B&B must be 100% correct. (e.g. the number of guests, make up, and bedding requirements etc). Petite B&B will assist in finding a compatible apartment based on this information. Guests must be particularly careful about the conditions stated on their B&B description made by the subsequent Host taking into consideration the varying conditions and living arrangements e.g. some Hosts do not allow receiving single men, children or animals; smokers some offer rooms with allergens: feathers, fabrics, carpets etc Some hosts can only received Guests early in the morning or in the evening hours on the day of their arrival (Check in or drop in); other Hosts receive people who have stays of more than 2, 3, 4, 5,6 days and so on; some Hosts smoke or have animals; some Hosts live on a high floor and there may not be an elevator etc. The variations are limitless and the descriptions provided by Petite B&Bs are as precise as possible in terms of size, layout, style and location to help Guests select an accommodation which is appropriate for him/her.
b) Additional beds such as mattresses on the ground, sofas etc - if detailed in the accommodation descriptions are only offered for children travelling with their parents (unless otherwise specified or if specifically agreed to be used for an adult at the time of booking, in agreement by the host for the guest). 
c) Guests have responsibility of ensuring the B&B/apartment meets their needs, requirements and any personal preferences or styles by reading the general online description or requesting the information they want and need for Petite B&Bs (if homes are not yet online) and enquiring about any aspects or details that they are unsure about or that are not already covered, before before proceeding with booking i.e making their deposit payment. Points to note: Typically Parisian and Portuguese apartments are known to be on the smaller side, with thinner walls etc. Guests must not choose a shared B&B or apartment if they feel they will experience lack of space or privacy in any way. Petite Paris will help advise of the specific layouts in shared scenarios if guests request. 
d) Full balance owing to the host is due on arrival in euro cash and any early departure is considered a cancellation on the guests behalf and the full balance will still be due to the host unless the B&B/apartment is found to be at firm fault, in which case Petite B&Bs will investigate before issuing a refund. Please read Cancellation policy/processes in T&Cs below. 
e) If Guests have any doubt about their choice in accommodation they must contact Petite B&Bs before proceeding to the booking stage i.e sending deposit.
f) If a booking has been made and confirmed for an accommodation that is discovered later to be inappropriate by the guest (due to circumstances beyond Petite B&Bs’ control) and for any reason, an offer to change for another appropriate accommodation if one is available will be offered to the Guest and the Guest must pay a fixed fee of 50Euro for this change. If no other accommodation is available the Guest must proceed as if it were a cancellation and no refund will be given. Please note terms below re: B&B/apartment cancellations and early departures without notice. 
The confirmation of any accommodation is only for the use of the registered Guest and the listed people who accompany him/her. It cannot be transferred to another visitor without the agreement from Petite B&Bs and/or the host.
There are no refunds of deposits at any time, for any reason. 
Guests may not request refunds or deductions off their B&Bs/apartment nightly rate after deposit payment has been made or after entering or departing their B&B/apartment for any reason. Deposit payments made is an agreement to the B&B selected by the guest and to the T&Cs herewith. Guests are responsible for the enquiry of any discounts and deductions at the time of booking. 

II. Extension of the duration of the stay by the Guest:
The Guest cannot without preliminary request and confirmation from Petite B&Bs, request stay in the accommodation more than the agreed duration as stated on the Guests ‘Offer’/‘Contract’ and in the final Booking Confirmation. In the event the Guest wishes to stay longer, they must contact Petite B&Bs for a possible change, though this is not guaranteed as the B&B will be subject to availability.

III. Change of date by the Guest:
a) In the event the Guest wishes to change the date of his/her stay, Guests must contact Petite B&Bs for possible change though in no way is this guaranteed as the B&B/apartment will be subject to availability.
b) It is possible for the Guest to change his/her dates and keep the benefit of the initial deposit paid to Petite B&Bs as a credit towards a new booking if this change is carried out more than 31 days (working days) before his/her arrival at the accommodation of his/her host. The deposit credit must be used for a rebooking within 12 months of the original booking date of the previous B&B/apartment. If this request takes place less than 31 days (working days) before the scheduled arrival date, the reservation is cancelled and the Guest must undergo another booking process as a unique undertaking, which has no relationship to the earlier reservation and booking. The initial deposit for the earlier reservation is lost and non refundable. 
c) If the change of date takes place more than 31 days (working days) before his/her arrival at his/her host and the Host is still available for the new date/s, the visitor will be able to change the date and Petite B&Bs will provide a new confirmation to the Guest for a fixed price of 50Euros administrative fee.
If the host is not available for the new dates and if no other accommodation is available or is accepted by the Guest, the Guest must proceed as if it were a cancellation of his/her own doing and the initial deposit is non-refundable.

IV. Reduction of the length of stay by the visitor:
a) In the event the Guest wants or needs to reduce the duration of his/her stay before his arrival, he/she must proceed as if it were a cancellation of his/her own doing and the initial deposit is non-refundable. Please see cancellation terms below
b) Changes to length of stay incur a 50euro administrative fee to rebook and reissue booking confirmation. 
c) In the event the Guest wants to reduce the duration of his/her stay after his/her arrival, his/her Host is not obliged to refund the nights already due to him/her and no refund will be carried out by Petite B&BS of deposit or balance payments. 
d) Guests who choose to leave the B&B/apartment early for any reason, forfeit the full balance payment made to hosts on arrival, with exceptions of flexible agreement, if an alternate B&B/apartment offered to the guest is unavailable or unsuitable, and/or only if B&Bs are found to be dissatisfactory with any firm fault, in which case Petite B&Bs will investigate the ‘claim’ before issuing a refund of the balance paid to Host on arrival. Flexible agreement applies for emergency reasons, where early departure will also be accepted and nights forfeited will be refunded (not nights already stayed) with, prior notice, proof of emergency and plausible reason to depart. *Note: Petite B&Bs are always getting new homes on board so the list of available homes at the time of your stay will be more and different to the original list of options sent to guests at the time of booking enquiry. Opportunity to relocate into new suitable homes are always possible. 

V. Cancellation of the stay by the Guest:
a) There are no refunds of initial deposit (booking fee) already paid to Petite B&Bs, for any reason, at any time. 
b) If the Guest makes his/her cancellation at least 31 days (working days) before the date of arrival the amount of the initial deposit will be valid for up to one year for another stay at the same accommodation or another accommodation depending on availability. If the Guest does not accept the accommodation offered at that time, he/she will loose the initial deposit.
c) It is only possible to keep the benefit of the initial deposit paid to Petite B&Bs for just one cancellation. Rebooking of another B&B using this credit must be for a stay in Paris within 12 months of the date of cancellation notification. 
d) If the Guest makes his/her cancellation for any reason less than 31 working days before his arrival date, the deposit amount paid to Petite B&Bs will not be refunded and it will not be possible to keep it for a future stay by the visitor and the deposit is forfeited. 
If the Guest cancels his/her stay for any reason, less than 15 working days before his/her arrival a 100% charge on the remaining balance that is owed to the host on arrival will be charged. 
In the event the visitor does not come to the accommodation on the day and time he is expected and does not inform Petite B&Bs and/or the Host of his/her absence (no-show), he/she must still pay the total amount due to his/her Host.
Guests who depart their B&B or apartment for any reason without prior notice to Petite B&Bs forfeit the balance paid to their B&B/apartment host. Any issues with B&Bs or apartments must be submitted in writing to Petite B&Bs before taking possession of the B&B or apartment, before first evening, and/or before departing the home and must be in writing, to be relocated to another home if needed, otherwise failure to do so is considered a cancellation on behalf of the guest with no refund and full balance is due. DUE Immediately, or interest of 1.5% per day is incurred.
Guests who encounter issues arriving or during the course of their stay must contact Petite B&Bs before departing the B&B/Apartment to advise in writing to give Petite the opportunity to relocate them immediately. Failure to do so is considered a cancellation by guest and no refunds of deposit and/or balance and full balance is due. With notice, Petite B&Bs will offer an alternate B&B or apartment swap. If guest does not accept the new B&B/apartment it is considered a cancellation of guests behalf, no refund is due. Deposits are always non refundable. 
*Note: Petite B&Bs are always getting new homes on board so the list of available homes at the time of your stay will be more and different to the original list of options sent to guests at the time of booking enquiry. Opportunity to relocate into new suitable homes are always possible.
i) Grounds for departure not liable to the B&B and/or Petite B&BS include (but not limited to) out of control instances such as external city factors, weather/seasonal factors and instances or occurrences within B&Bs that are unforeseeable beyond the online descriptions of our homes i.e items not grounds for refund of deposit or balance, include but are not limited to: 
Street noise: Paris and Lisbon are busy capital cities. Petite B&Bs and its listed B&Bs are not liable for general street noise, and such ‘out of control’ unforeseeable instances. Street noise is a city issue. Petite B&Bs can recommend areas generally ‘known’ to be quieter, though street traffic cannot be predicted and can still occur. B&Bs described with the assurance of a restful peaceful night are based on B&B comfort and the general location and does not imply a dishonest description, if any street noise occurs.
Warmth: Paris and Lisbon apartments known to be small and with little ventilation are known to become very warm in the summer peak season. All B&Bs indicate if they have air con or a fan in their guest rooms. If it is not described it is not provided. 
Utilities: Petite B&Bs and its listed B&Bs are not held liable for any unforeseeable, unexpected and out of control dysfunctions or breaks of utilities if they occur during the course of the stay at the B&B/apartment. Nor do they imply dishonest descriptions of B&Bs. Our descriptions are described as accurately as possible in as far as we can control them i.e environmental style, decor, size, layout etc... If a functional issue occurs before guest arrival, hosts may notify Petite Paris and Petite Paris will advise guests (given time) prior and a B&B swap. If no available B&Bs/apartments are suitable for a swap and the issue is a real fault of the home that makes it impossible to use, a credit for 12 months will be issued to guests for any Paris or Lisbon B&B or apartment, no refund of the deposit paid is given for any reason. Refer section V5.
On the occasion hosts do not notify Petite B&Bs (time restraints or very sudden occurrences or other) guests must at arrival contact Petite Paris BEFORE DEPARTING the B&B/apartment, if the issue is too great for them to remain ‘ie a real fault of the home, and Petite B&BS will direct them to an alternative B&B/apartment immediately. If guests depart without notifying Petite B&Bs first they forfeit the balance due to hosts for the full duration of their stay - please refer to cancellation policies without notice. 

VI. ANY Changes made by the Guest after initial Booking has been Confirmed
a) Any changes that need to be made to bookings after bookings have been secured – that is once guests have paid their deposit as requested/detailed in their ‘Contract’ and have received a confirmation email from Petite B&Bs confirming this payment - is charged at an administrative fee of 50euro per change. That includes any change of dates, change of number of nights, change to the number of guests. We ask you to be cautious of any possibility of changes and to advise Petite Pr only if 100% certain the change is needed so this charge is only incurred once. Multiple changes will incur multiple fees of 50euro. We do welcome all requests at any time and are happy to accommodate guests (understandably things change) though with this taking much time and resources we appreciate you understanding the need for this fee. 

VII. Cancellation of the stay by the Host 
Petite B&Bs reminds Guests that the Parisian and Portuguese Hosts and apartment owners are not professionals. On very rare occasions and for personal reasons the Hosts may be unable to host or receive the Guest. Deposits/Booking fees to reserve any homes are always non refundable. In this case, the deposit paid to Petite Paris, is non refundable, BUT it shall remain a credit to the guest to be used for any other booking at any time - there is no time limit to use this credit amount. 
In this unlikely situation, should a host or apartment owner cancel the Guest will be offered another accommodation that is comparable. Guests must contact Petite B&Bs should the host need to leave at any time during or of their stay, so they can be relocated to a new Petite home. Failure to do so is considered a cancellation and no refund is provided. Deposits already paid remain non refundable - as above remain a credit for the number of nights not stayed. Note: a comparable home is one that is of the same or similar capability to accommodate the number of guests. Same or similar location can not be assured and is not included. Price of the alternate/new apartment may naturally be higher than the cancelled apartment and the calculation will be worked out accordingly against the amount already paid. NOTE: the value of the new home has no baring on the issue of cancellation. If guests refuse the new accommodation/s offered to them, deposit payment will be forfeited. Only on rare occasion will Petite Paris offer a refund of deposit paid. Generally in all instances no refund of any Deposits for any reason. 

VIII. Arrival at the accommodation, payment to the Host and departure from the accommodation:
a) The guest must come on the day and time written on his/her booking confirmation document (or inform his/her host of a possible delay).
b) If the visitor does not give any information about his/her arrival time, the Host will wait for him/her only between 7.00pm and 8.00pm
c) In the event of a delay, the guest must always inform the Host directly, even if it is a delay due to a fight delay, train delay etc.
d) If the Guest does not arrive at the accommodation within the three hours following his/her landing, or within two hours for an arrival by train, or at the time he/she was supposed to arrive without informing his/her Host, the Host does not have to wait for the visitor any longer and can offer his accommodation to another interested party. 
e) In any case the Guest must always personally contact his/her Host at least 15 days before his/her arrival to reconfirm the arrival time with him/her.
f) Upon his/her arrival the Guest may be asked to confirm his/her identity and address by showing a piece of photo identification with address (identity card, passport, drivers license); he/she must have ready a photocopy of it to give to his/her Host, should the Host request it.
g) The outstanding payment by the Guest is made in Euros (French cheque or cash only) and must be made to his/her Host upon arrival. Deposit payment is not a discount off the balance owing on arrival, but simply a deposit security to save the B&B chosen, and it is non refundable. Guests are asked to consider the payment on arrival as the ‘whole’ amount of their number of nights booked paid to their host. 
h) On arrival in Paris guests agree to pay the outstanding balance to their host upfront on arrival (in Euro) BEFORE taking possession of their room or apartment, with understanding they have agreed to this Term with the deposit payment of their B&B. When hosts cannot be there to receive guests they often send a friend or family member to greet guests (a step-in host) and guests must offer the due balance upfront to the step-in hosts as if it were the regular host. 

i) Some hosts may ask to retain that piece of identification in exchange for the keys to the guest room or apartment or a cash deposit which will then be given back to the Guest upon departure and the keys are returned to the Host (in this case it will be written in the description of the accommodation)
j) Guests who arrive at their B&B/apartment early (between 6am and 11am) may not have access to their B&B/apartment if there are guests departing. They must return after previous guests have checked out and the guest room has been cleaned. In some cases guests may be able to drop off luggage early and return to the apartment at a later time to check-in - this is to be negotiated with the hosts and between guest and Petite B&Bs at the time of booking. 
k) Checkout is at 11.00 AM. 
IX. INDEPENDENT B&B/apartment homeowners 
Special Booking Procedures related to DEPOSIT and BALANCE AMOUNTS
Petite B&Bs operates both as a whole entity of exclusive B&B and apartments options that all abide and are in agreement with the T&Cs above and herewith; but is also a independent B&B and apartment portal for B&B and apartment owners in Paris to list their homes on our website and partake of the Petite Paris and Lisbon clientele. 
In addition to this, Petite B&Bs also works in Partnership with select boutique Parisian booking services and property management agencies to seek homes on guests behalf when the listed Petite B&Bs network of homes are unavailable, booked out or unsuitable; our network expands beyond these listed homes and can include many more options!! In this case Petite Paris books homes on guests behalf via the homeowner and their independent and external property manager and/or management teams via contract agreement between Petite B&Bs and the agency. In this case Petite B&Bs sends the agency guests personal names, contact details, passport copies for identification for arrival. The contract between Petite B&Bs and owners and/or property managers is separate to the contract between Petite Paris and guest.  In these cases homeowners do not abide by the general Petite B&B T&Cs and request their own booking terms that is explicitly written in the apartments formal description provided to guests via pdf document at the time of booking; and owners request their own deposit payment at the time of booking in additional to the Petite Paris booking service fee. (The Petite Paris Booking fee is always NON REFUNDABLE at any time). This means Petite B&Bs will request a service fee from the guest to secure the select B&B or apartment and then a second deposit amount is to be made payable directly to the apartment owner or their property management agency within 48 hours. After both payments are made, guest will be sent their apartment owner and/or property managers contact details and address of the apartment, any entry codes and information for their apartment and the Property Manager or Property Management teams contact details - for arrival purposes. Once both Petite Paris deposit /booking fee and owner deposit payments are made, the B&B/apartment is finalised, guests receive a booking confirmation validating the booking. 
Payment options that Petite B&Bs accepts for service/booking fee are Direct bank transfer or PAYPAL.
Payment options that Paris homeowners and/or property agents accept for owners deposit are CREDIT CARD payment sent direct to owner or Property Manager/Agency OR via Paris Payplug (A french version of Paypal that is user friendly and does not require guests to join or sign up, but simple a portal to send deposit securely to French B&B/apartment owners in real time) 
Cancellations policies for our independent B&B/apartment owners are generally in accordance with the general standard Petite B&Bs Cancellation terms. Section VI and VII ‘Cancellation by the guest/host’ i.e No refund of Deposits at any time (Petite B&Bs Service fee or Home owner/host deposit). For GUESTS cancellations in and out of 15 days of arrival please refer to above section V ‘Cancellations’ as the general guide. However  some homeowners do request and operate according to their own independent cancellation policies and these are provided to guests before booking via formal apartment description documentation.

XI. Use of the name and address of the Host:
a) Petite B&Bs reminds the Guest that the information given in the travel documentation and confirmation is strictly confidential and cannot be for any reason given to other people by penalty of prosecution.
b) In no way is the Guest authorised to get in touch directly with his/her Host for a future stay by penalty of prosecution. The Guest must always contact Petite B&Bs to coordinate future stays.
XI. Dispute:
a) Non-adherence to any of the above-mentioned articles makes the Guest liable for immediate eviction from the accommodation without a refund of any amount paid by him/her as well as prosecution.
b) Petite B&Bs cannot be held responsible in the case of requests for compensation or refunds, which stem from a relationship between the Guest and the Host. Only an inventory made jointly between the Host and the Guest executed at the time of the guests’ arrival can be used as admissible evidence in the event of a dispute between the two parties in a court of law.
Petite B&Bs cannot be held responsible in the event of any loss of property, physical injury, or death sustained by the Guest during his/her stay at the Host’s accommodation.

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